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Newsletter October 2010

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Welcome to European Union project CoSafe.

    Cooperation for Safety in sparsely populated areas.

In this letter you can find reports
about what is going on in some of the CoSafe teams.

Report from the Finnish team

The 5th CoSafe Work Shop was held at the Emergency Service College (ESC) in Kuopio, Finland between 22nd and 24th of September 2010.

The three day meeting included the project work shop, a tour at the ESC where partners got the opportunity to look at the education and training system for fire fighters, dispatchers, civil defense and other emergency operations in Finland.

The CoSafe partners were invited to participate and observe the final trial of the COPE project, which is an ongoing EU 7th framework project aiming at Common Operational Picture Exploitation in crisis situations.

During the trial the attendants had a chance to explore an exhibition with different products, clothing systems and posters provided by the CoSafe project.

A hypothermia rescue unit was also introduced. The other objective of introducing these projects to each other was to share experiences and establish new networks between partners during a lake cruise as well as in the smoke sauna, which both are traditional Finnish ways of making new friends.

Report from the Icelandic team

The main work during the last weeks was focused upon the results of questionnaire II. The results are now presented in a special report “Preparedness and knowledge of rescue workers in Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Scotland”. The report was presented to the CoSafe partners at our meeting in Kuopio in Finland in September 2010.

In addition we have been working on an article which is based on the summaries of the participating countries concerning different rescue systems in their area.

The final report Rescue services in the Rural Areas of Iceland, Scotland, Finland and Sweden is now at its end stage and we are in the process of deciding where to publish the descriptive report.

The Icelandic partner got a representative from the department of civil protection to attend at meeting in Kuopio.

The focus in the next weeks will be to finish all requested reports and prepare an introductory booth at the international conference in Reykjavík RESCUE 2010 / www.icesar.com.

The aim of having this introductory booth is to present the CoSafe project and answer questions concerning the project as needed.

A conference like this is very important in terms of presenting our work and introducing the project to one of the target groups, which in this case will be the rescue people.

Report from the Scottish team
The Scottish partner has continued to work with its products and services; clothing and the ultrasonic stethoscope have been ‘cold’ tested by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and the results made available at the workshop in Kuopio. The Katie stretcher will be tested in the future. A recent Integrated Emergency Management (IEM) course organised by the Highland and Islands Strategic Coordinating Group held on 29th September 2010 in the Caberfeidh Hotel Stornoway used the CoSafe bus crash scenario for the practical desk top exercise. A further IEM exercise in will be held in Benbecula at a later date. We continue to hold Local Project meetings and are in the process of arranging a local CoSafe meeting to inform people of the outcome of the project. This is planned for March/April 2011 after the final workshop in Sweden.

Report from the Swedish team

The Swedish team participated in a Lead Partner seminar September 8 in Bunratty, Irland. The seminar was organized by the Northern Periphery Program (NPP) secretariat and the Managing Authority (MA) and addressed the Final Reports for the project.

The seminar was a good opportunity for the CoSafe team to share experiences and to network with other NPP projects.

Our NPP desk officer Rachel Burn visited us September 20 and we got positive feed-back on both our project and our products and services. It was clear however that we need to do more work on marketing our products and services.

During our workshop in Kuopio we decided that we will make marketing cards to address this matter and we will also update our homepage with more information.

The Swedish team presented a finished (beta) version of the GUIDE application and a prototype of the dynamic injury cards in Kuopio. Further development will be done and the goal is to finish all products and services to the final meeting in Sweden, February 15-17, 2011.

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